Karen is great! Her organizing solutions work, and every time I hire her, my life gets a little easier and things end up in places I actually want them. Always thoughtful and helpful, Karen makes organizing tasks much easier to accomplish.


Great Falls, VA

Karen is wonderful! She took the time to talk things out with me and make a plan to meet my goals, and she consistently came up with ideas to meet my family’s needs! I highly recommend her. She turned my ugly, messy garage into a wonderful play space for the kids.


Falls Church, VA

Working with Karen was an answer to a prayer! After ignoring the problem areas in my home, I finally asked for help and Karen delivered! Working side-by-side, she helped me to tackle areas of our home I would never have had the time or mental energy to do alone. I looked forward to our visits as I knew we’d accomplish so much! I had the pleasure of working with Karen for two major projects (1) organizing several areas of our small home that needed better function, and (2) helping us strategically unpack and organize a new home after an insanely-quick move. Karen’s kind professionalism means you get both a friend and an expert helping you craft the space YOU want. She listens to your needs, offers sage advice and resources, and then works along with you to give you the space that suits you!


Arlington, VA

Karen has been working with me for about a year now. I first hired her to help me pack up/sort through several cluttered rooms before a renovation project. She has been a godsend. After helping me unpack and re-organize after the renovation, she then helped me sort out and clean out a 10×10 storage room that was so packed that opening the door was difficult. Thanks to her, a furniture repairer, and a person I donated my craft stuff to, I was able to completely empty the storage room, and now I’m saving $300 a month! We are working on my utility room now, which became a catch-all when I moved in 17 years ago. She is very insightful and helps me make decisions about things without pressuring me.


Springfield, VA

Karen helped me turn our mudroom/craft room from a cluttered disaster into a usable space that everyone in the family can enjoy. She provided cost effective storage solutions and incorporated them into a system that my family can work with! I am so grateful for her help – I would definitely hire her again!


Falls Church, VA

Karen helped take our Den/Office from chaos to calm. She listens and works within your budget to come up with solutions that will work for your family. She worked right along with me and was sensitive and respectful of sentimental items. Her virtue approach helped me detach from items and value those that I kept. I used what I learned from her in other rooms of my home.


Fairfax, VA

Karen is amazing! She helped me organize my closet, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. She brought her passion for organizing and put it to work immediately! She provided a bunch of great and useful recommendations, and on top of that she went shopping for me to find the perfect containers to make the best use of my space. Thank you so much Karen!


Arlington, VA

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